Diastasis Recti Education

A Diastasis Recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles. The sides of the abdominal wall connect in the middle to the linea alba. A diastasis recti is the thinning of the linea alba which connects all the abdominal muscles together.

          Some separation is normal during pregnancy as the abdomen stretches to accommodate your growing baby. Some women are able to heal their DR naturally after pregnancy without any extra corrective exercises. Doing the wrong exercise or too much front loading of the abdomen can create or make a DR worse.

          We generate pressure and load to protect our spine through daily movements such as picking up a baby or carrying groceries, if the pressure is not handled properly it can result in pressure out through the abdomen causing a dome like shape through our linea alba creating a diastasis.


Diastasis Recti - Self Assessment

  We measure a diastasis recti by the width and the depth between the two rectus abdominis. A DR is considered anything over a 2.5 finger width gap. We want the depth to feel firm like a trampoline rather than squishy and jelly like.