Strong to STRONGER after baby

CORELift Method

Regardless if your 6 weeks or 16 years postpartum, every mom deserves to have a stronger core after baby! 


Vision this for a moment and feel it… 

  • Your core is strong internally and externally and you no longer have that lower belly pooch 

  •  You can do a jumping jack without worrying about peeing your pants

  • You’re excited to lift weights because you’ve carefully managed your prolapse and no longer feel the “bulge” in your vagina because you’re stronger

  •  You’ve reduced back and hip pain 

  • Sex is enjoyable!

  • You feel stronger now after baby than you ever have before! 

There is a lack in our society for postpartum care and helping moms to feel good in their own bodies again. The symptoms we may experience can leave us feeling crippled and broken.  We hide our feelings because we don’t realize there’s a solution, we hide because we’re embarrassed and feel as though our body’s failed us. 


In the 8 week CORELift method I walk you through the right exercises your body needs to improve and feel better in your body. You don’t have to live with pain the rest of your life or wear an adult diaper, I’m here to help you strengthen from the inside out.  


EVERYONE’S body is different, every pregnancy is different and every birth is different- this program includes coaching for specific individual needs so YOU can get the best care you deserve.


Over 8 weeks, we will work through rehabbing your core and pelvic floor with special focus on breath work, posture and core & pelvic floor strengthening exercises. 


What you get..


We start back at the basics and build a strong core foundation with incorporating breath work with movement. 

Within the program we focus on corrective posture movements as our posture plays a huge role in healing diastasis recita and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Each of the 4 phases includes progressive core and pelvic floor exercises to get stronger inside and out. There are additional workouts you may be prescribed to include into your program for specific improvements. 

  • 8 weeks of at home corrective exercise workouts all 25 minutes or less 

  • Personalized coaching and workouts specific for your needs

  • Group support and weekly tutorials for trouble shooting

  • 1 year access to the program to repeat as needed

  • General nutrition guidance and coaching for best results 

What you need: 

  • Foam roller

  • Yoga mat

  • Circle loop resistance band- AKA booty band 

  • Resistance Band with handles 

  • Pilates ball 

  • House hold items: kitchen towel, bath towel, chair/couch 

  • Hand weights for later in the program 

  • Not needed but encouraged: big yoga ball and small rubber ball